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What is Empay?

Empay is a one of a kind payment ecosystem spearheaded by the Dubai Economic Department aligned with the vision of going cashless. This mobile application enables the user to make payments in different ways with ease. It is secure, flexible and easy to use. Make seamless payments with a tap of a button from anywhere in the world. Empay’s multi-functional ecosystem that travels with you built for your convenience.

How do I get started with Empay?
Is the Empay app freely downloadable?
How is Empay unique?
Why should I use empay?
How do I register for Empay?

     It's simple.

  • Download Empay app from Google Play Store / App Store
  • Launch the app on your mobile device
  • Simply follow the instructions on screen
  • Click on the Sign Up button to continue process
  • Follow on screen instructions

At any point of time during the journey, if you get stuck and are not able to complete the registration,Contact our toll free customer care at – 600567563 and one of our support team member will assist you in your journey

What information will I need during registration? Do I need any document to submit to register to empay?
Can I register multiple account with same mobile number?
If I change my mobile handset, do I need to register again on the Empay app?
During registration, my Emirates ID is not scanning- what should I do?
I am facing issues in Emirates ID scan. How do I proceed?
My information captured by Emirates ID is slightly incorrect. How do I correct it?
Is there any age requirement to register to Empay?
How can I login to Empay?
  • Launch your empay app.
  • Click on Login link.
  • Enter your mobile number, verify with OTP and enter your 6-digit PIN to continues access to your account.
How can I reset my PIN?
I have forgotten my PIN. How do I reset the same?
I have forgotten security question that I set up during registration. How do I reset it now?
I am seeing a card on my dashboard after registration. What is this card?

Its an empay digital card which you are getting once you are registered to empay. Your Empay digital card is a digital prepaid card wherein you can load funds to use all of Empay’s payment services.  

What can I do with my empay card ?
Is my card active to start using it or do I need to wait for some activation?
Will I be issued physical Empay card also?
How do I load funds to my Empay card?
How do I load funds through UAEPGS?
How do I load funds through Debit card?
How do I load funds via Bank transfer?
Can I transfer money back from my Empay card to debit card or bank account from which I loaded fund?
Is Empay app secure to use?

Yes. All critical information is encrypted and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. However, Empay allows users to store their login information.

How secure is to make payments through Empay card?
What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
Somebody called me from Empay and asked me for my Pin/Passcode, what should I do?
Is my card information protected?
What is Tokenization?
How safe is Tap & Pay payment using Empay?
How do I add my card on Empay?
You can add your card to the Empay wallet either by scanning your card or by entering the card information manually.
You may be prompted to verify your identity by your bank through SMS, email or phone call.
Once done, you will see your digital card in Empay wallet.
Can I add multiple cards on Empay?
Can I register the same card on more than one mobile phone device with the Empay app?
I am facing trouble while adding a card to the Empay wallet. What should I do?
What type of cards can I use in Empay?
How can I add a new card to Empay?
Can I delete a card from Empay?
Can I make payments through any added card from Empay?
I am a student / housewife. Can I use Empay?

Yes, you can use Empay’s prepaid card that you will receive upon registration. Load funds into the card and use Tap & Pay or Empay’s In app services.

I am a visitor in UAE and not a resident. Can I use Empay?
I have not received OTP on registration. How do I proceed?
I loaded funds through UAE PGS and I got success page but my balance is not updated and it shows old balance. Why?
I loaded funds through UAEPGS. I got success message from the bank but my balance is not updated in Empay card. Why?
I loaded funds through debit card which I added but balance is not updated why?
What in-app services I can use with empay?

Empay app offers variety of lifestyle payment in-app services like

  • Offering instant digital credit
  • Ordering food from your favourite restaurants
  • Paying school or college fees of your kids
  • Paying for all utility services like DEWA, FEWA, ADDC, AADC etc.
  • Paying for all telecom services like Etialat,du
  • Paying for transport services like Nol recharge, Salik, Mawaqif
  • Doing international remittance
  • Offers and rewards on making payments through Empay app
What are the benefits that Empay provides?

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